Welcome to The Air Current's new website

Welcome to the new and vastly improved Our long awaited update brings a host of new features to your reading experience, while retaining all of the best things about The Air Current and the editorial model that has underpinned our publication for the past five years.

Our goal has always been to make sure that nothing gets between you and our work and the new format doubles down on our advertising-free, distraction-free strategy. At the end of the day our product is about fortifying your insights into the business of flying, not selling your data or chasing clicks.

Among the new features we’ve added to the new site are a dark reading mode to make our longform reporting and analysis even more comfortable to sit with. Look for the crescent moon icon [☾] on the navigation bar at the top of the page on desktop or in the slide out menu on tablet or mobile to toggle between light and dark reading modes. For our Individual Business subscribers, we’ve added a gift link capability to allow you to share access to specific articles with colleagues, friends and family, without the recipient requiring a subscription to read them.

Our new menu system on both mobile and desktop puts the site navigation and its key attributes at your fingertips in a far more accessible way. So you can get the most out of your subscription to TAC, connect with our latest or archived content, view your library of purchased downloads and manage your subscription without hassle.


TAC’s original website, which we now leave behind, was with us at our launch in 2018 and served us well as we built a foundation of valuable reporting and analysis that has become bedrock for understanding the global aviation and aerospace industries. We have grown tremendously since our launch, and our digital home has to reflect what we’ve built and where we’re going.

We’ve also made a lot of changes under the hood to speed up the site and with this re-launch we’re officially entering a live beta for In the weeks to come, we’ll be making tweaks and improvements to the site. As we give you the first opportunity to experience our new digital home, we would love your feedback on what we’ve built. We want to hear what’s working for you and what’s not.

What you see today is another new starting point for TAC as we build on a flexible and modern platform that now allows us to implement our roadmap for new features in the weeks and months to come. We hope you enjoy the new website.

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