What is The Air Current?

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The Air Current (TAC) is a subscription-based news and information service for the global aerospace and aviation industry. Our value proposition is based on both depth and exclusivity. Our focus is on reporting actionable, newsworthy intelligence and digging deeper into global strategic trends and their broader implications for global aviation and aerospace. TAC actively leverages deep relationships and extensive industry knowledge to provide a greater level of insight into the business of flying. TAC doesn’t seek to replicate or follow the reporting of other organizations nor does it aim to be a repository for the day’s news.

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Who is The Air Current?
TAC was launched in June 2018 by veteran aerospace journalist Jon Ostrower. Ostrower serves as Editor-in-chief for the publication; prior to launching TAC he served as Aviation Editor for CNN, aerospace beat reporter for The Wall Street Journal, editor of the award-wining FlightBlogger and global aircraft development reporter for Flightglobal.

How to get The Air Current.
TAC is an all-digital publication, published in both English and Chinese. The publication offers individual, corporate group and enterprise licenses that provide full access to TAC content and digital events, such as periodic subscriber conference calls. Corporate and enterprise licenses can be established for select groups or entire companies with paywall-bypassing access on the subscriber’s network. Republication rights for our content are also available as part of our corporate packages.

Is The Air Current a consultancy?
We are not a consultancy. We do not author individualized advisory reports for clients. However, as part of our model, we aim to have our writers accessible to our subscribers should they want to discuss a topic in greater depth, or are available for select compensated speaking engagements.

Does The Air Current have advertising?
The Air Current does not operate as an advertising-based model in order to provide a less-obtrusive experience to our readers. Our goal is not clicks, rather ensuring that each subscription generates deeper value as a way of sustainably supporting the growth of the publication.

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