Comac resurfaces bigger and smaller C919s and new electric commuter

At the 2023 International Import Expo in Shanghai, Comac displayed a pair of C929 variants and teased a new 19-seat electric concept.

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Release Date
November 9, 2023
Comac resurfaces bigger and smaller C919s and new electric commuter

Comac this week made a demonstrable shift in its public marketing, resurfacing a pair of variants of its single-aisle C919 family and indicating it is further along in developing a 19-seat electric commuter aircraft than was previously known.

Nearly a year after local certification and two subsequent deliveries of its C919 to China Eastern, Comac at the 2023 China International Import Expo presented aircraft concepts that would be direct competitors to Airbus’s A321neo and A319neo and Boeing’s 737 Max 9 and Max 7.

These public displays offer western watchers limited external clues as to Comac’s future thinking as it slowly establishes a domestic industry, though there have been a flurry of recent public posture changes for the typically opaque Chinese commercial plane maker. Images of the new concepts at the international event in Shanghai were posted to Chinese social media earlier this week.

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