Embraer CEO: ‘Geopolitical alignment’ makes China tilt ‘natural’

After state visit by Brazil's President, Embraer is laying the groundwork for a major commercial and industrial expansion inside China.

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Release Date
October 24, 2023
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Freshly expanded geopolitical links between Brazil and China are making Embraer’s eastward commercial and industrial expansion a “natural” progression of its business, its chief executive officer, Francisco Gomes Neto, told The Air Current in a wide-ranging interview last week.

Asked if the strategic constraints in its traditional North American regional aircraft markets — significantly increased pilot pay, unmoving labor scope clauses and mainline airline upgauging — made its future focus on China “inevitable”, Neto replied: “I would just change the word inevitable to natural.”

“First of all, we have to recognize that the U.S., India and China are the three biggest, the largest civil aviation markets in the world, and China and India are growing faster,” Neto said. “We do believe we have a new window of opportunity.”

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The strategic shift of Brazil toward China has caused consternation in the ranks of the U.S. policy establishment, which sees the aspiring Asian superpower as a peer geopolitical and economic rival to the world order that has bolstered the power of the United States over generations.

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