Boeing takes Wisk fully under its wing

Wisk's Gen 6 fully-autonomous eVTOL is now Boeing's clean sheet passenger aircraft design for this decade

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Release Date
May 31, 2023
Boeing takes Wisk fully under its wing

After years of waffling and speculative commitments to next-generation technologies and new aerospace entrants, Boeing has formally adopted Wisk, bringing the autonomous air taxi aspirant fully under its strategic ownership.

Wisk CEO Brian Yutko, who was Boeing’s chief engineer of sustainability and future mobility before taking the reins of the electric vertical take-off and landing developer in February, announced the development at a Boeing media event in South Carolina on May 31. He declined to share the terms under which Boeing bought out its joint venture partner Kittyhawk, the pioneering eVTOL developer funded by Google billionaire Larry Page.

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Boeing and Kittyhawk established Wisk in 2019, with Boeing as the majority investor, to develop Kittyhawk’s Cora eVTOL, the two-seat predecessor to the four-seat “Generation 6” aircraft that Wisk unveiled last year. Kittyhawk, which was independently pursuing its own autonomous eVTOL projects, abruptly ceased operations in September 2022 after a reportedly tumultuous few months marked by the personal involvement of Page.

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