ATR’s island-hopping, village-connecting, off-the-beaten-path global network

A 3D data visualization of the ATR turboprop's global route structure

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As ATR defines its hybrid-electric Evo, the plane maker wants to hold fast to what made the rugged and comparatively inexpensive regional turboprop a success over multiple generations. The ATR family is no white glove widebody. Instead, the turboprop operates across a wildly varying set of routes across the world covering some of the most rugged geographies, far-flung archipelagos and small communities that would otherwise have no access to commercial air travel. Adopting an advanced battery system to augment traditional thermal engines will require detailed planning and consideration for the infrastructure, or lack thereof, needed to support such technology.

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The Air Current assembled the December 2023 scheduled flight network of the ATR turboprop from Cirium’s Diio along with a custom database of the world’s airports to create a 3D visualization of the unique route structures that make up its global operations. The database underlying this visualization has been updated since initial publication to include recently activated airports.

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