Boom taps trio to develop an engine for supersonic Overture

Boom looks outside of traditional commercial propulsion for powering supersonic Overture.

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Release Date
December 12, 2022
Boom taps trio to develop an engine for supersonic Overture
Boom’s ambition to build a supersonic airliner has led it to the doorsteps of a trio of aerospace companies to provide an engine for its aircraft. Boom’s chief executive and founder, Blake Scholl had given the company a year-end target to secure an engine manufacturer for its Mach 1.7 Overture aircraft design.

Boom is tasking Florida Turbine Technologies, a unit of defense aerospace company Kratos Defense & Security, along with StandardAero, and a smaller unit of GE Aerospace, according to multiple industry sources.

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The selection of these players underscores both the challenges and opportunities for newcomers who need to elbow their way into the aerospace industry marketplace and can face disinterest or outright hostility from incumbents.

A spokeswoman for Boom said that it had “nothing to share this evening” and a formal announcement from the company was expected on December 13 at its future manufacturing home in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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