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新的消息: Bombardier statement on TAC reporting

Bombardier has recently stated it would explore strategic options for the CRJ Program. From time to time, this may lead to discussions with potential counterparties. While Bombardier does not generally comment publicly on market speculation or rumors, in light of recent media reports, Bombardier believes it is prudent to advise stakeholders that it is in discussions with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. with respect to its CRJ Program. We will not further comment on the nature of the discussions. Before any agreement can be reached further review and analysis by Bombardier management and approval by Bombardier's Board of Directors are required, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. must complete its due diligence review and own analysis and approval process, which are outside of Bombardier's control. There can be no assurance that any such discussions will ultimately lead to an agreement.

据几位知情人士透露,三菱重工(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)正与庞巴迪就收购后者CRJ飞机项目展开深入探讨,这是该日本企业集团为开发自己的支线飞机而推进的大规模再造计划中的组成部分。


这笔交易将标志着庞巴迪一系列产业结构转变中的又一次动作,并且是庞巴迪退出商用航空领域的一个高潮。将CRJ项目剥离并转移给三菱,将是庞巴迪航天史上一个时代的终结。这一时代的开始可以追溯到庞巴迪于1986年收购拿大航空公司(Canadair)。加拿大区域客机(Canadair Regional Jet)诞生于一款CL-600商务飞机,这款飞机于1992年10月进入汉莎航空公司为其提供支线服务。


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