Boeing and Airbus single-aisle workhorses squeeze out regional and widebody jets

The market for single-aisle aircraft is red hot and rapidly changing the composition of the global fleet, solidifying the pandemic’s long-term impact.

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Release Date
May 2, 2022
Boeing and Airbus single-aisle workhorses squeeze out regional and widebody jets
It’s been three years since the world last experienced a peak summer travel season. The global passengers are now returning to familiar airports as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, yet they are being met with a different mix of aircraft waiting at the gate. The combination of new aircraft programs, varied passenger recoveries, and supply chain limitations has driven a new dynamic in the world of commercial aircraft.

A varied fleet of aircraft — from regionals to widebodies — leading into the pandemic is emerging as a more homogeneous, and imbalanced fleet of narrowbodies. Yet, even with the production of the single-aisle still remaining far below 2019 levels, it is the narrowbody that finds itself in top demand – with available supply dwindling.

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As TAC Analysis dives deeper into the nuances of the recovery, we continue with an analysis of the aircraft market, and just how divergent the recovery has been for the various types. This analysis also considers the new relationship between supply and demand for aircraft – only recently redefined in the past two months with the rush of activity emerging from the Omicron surge – and the effect it is having on aircraft values.

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