TAC Explains: How are airports funded in the U.S.?

Dissecting the complex funding measures help support a large, diverse system of airports across 50 states and territories.

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Release Date
January 30, 2024
TAC Explains: How are airports funded in the U.S.?
The Biden Administration announced on Jan. 30 it would award roughly $250 million through its Airport Infrastructure Grant (AIG) program to airports in 37 states. The injection for fiscal year 2024 is a significant win for airports in need of money to modernize everything from terminals to runways, but it also underscores a bigger truth about airport funding: it’s complicated.  

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With more than 5,000 public use airports nationwide, different mechanisms are used to fund different parts of each airfield. Like any complex infrastructure, airports are dynamic: they have their own unique challenges and characteristics that rely on this complex web of funding mechanisms to suit their own unique needs. The Air Current takes a step back from the headlines to dissect the question: Where do these vital funds for airports come from and where do they go?

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