TAC Across the Internet – Wendover, Making Media & AvTalk

Over the last several weeks, The Air Current’s editorial team has been invited to share perspectives on a range of topics amid a torrent of news from across the aviation industry.

Feb. 2: TAC Editor in Chief Jon Ostrower joined the FlightRadar24 AvTalk podcast to examine where Boeing may go from its current position with hosts Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz. This was recorded a day prior to Boeing’s fourth quarter earnings call on January 31, which answered some key near-term questions about the company’s next steps, but the broader forward looking perspective provides a framework for what’s to come in Boeing’s factories and airplane developments.

Feb. 9: The Air Current was deeply involved in contributing our reporting as the basis for this mini-documentary, How Boeing Got Here, produced by Wendover Productions, the prolific YouTube mega-channel. Sam Denby, the voice and brains behind Wendover, is endlessly curious and passionate about aviation and TAC was eager to help shape this production about Boeing’s last three decades and how it arrived at this point. We deeply appreciate the Wendover team’s willingness and enthusiasm to collaborate together on projects that bring a greater public understanding to the complex intricacies and history that underpin the airplane business globally. Compliment it with our recommended reading from TAC’s coverage of Boeing and the Max 9 crisis.

Feb. 12:  Jon joined the Making Media podcast to delve into the strategy behind The Air Current and why — he believes — the publication has been able to thrive where others have struggled. (Making Media is also produced by the same team that creates Business Breakdowns. Jon recorded an episode on Boeing last year.) The turmoil across the media industry has revealed a few central realities about the necessity for the subscriber model that has underpinned TAC since its launch in 2018. While the host described the conversation as a “masterclass” in new media and TAC’s model, Jon concludes it is only possible with an incredible team of reporters to deliver on the editorial vision.


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