Although 10-9 has dominated public conversations about eVTOL safety, behind the scenes, all of the leading eVTOL developers are actually approaching safety in a much more comprehensive and nuanced way. While Lilium is designing its aircraft to 10-9, the company is also “taking a broader view of safety, rather than just focusing on the design certification,” said Head of Safety Colin Russell.

Lilium says fundraise will boost available cash to $386 million

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UPDATE: Lilium confirmed on July 18 that its $192 million capital raise has been successful. In its latest SEC filing, the company estimates that it will require an additional $83 million to fund its operations until the first crewed flight test of its type conforming aircraft next year.

Lilium expects that the capital raise it announced this week will bring its total cash on hand to around $386 million after expenses, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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