This United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 was ticketed for delivery by the FAA on Nov. 30, 2020.

FAA grants Boeing first post-grounding 737 Max airworthiness certificates

FAA approval clears the way for resumption of 737 Max deliveries.

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The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday granted its first post-grounding airworthiness certificate to a 737 Max, clearing the way for Boeing to resume deliveries, the U.S. aviation regulator confirmed.

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As part of its intense regulatory scrutiny, the FAA revoked Boeing’s ability to grant airworthiness certificates for individual aircraft, requiring a complete inspection by U.S. government aviation inspectors as the jets are prepared for delivery. Each nose-to-tail FAA inspection takes roughly eight hours to complete.

“We expect to have sufficient number of inspectors on hand to meet Boeing’s planned delivery schedule for the foreseeable future. We’ll defer to Boeing to discuss the company’s manufacturing and delivery plans,” an FAA spokesman told The Air Current.

Photo credit courtesy Chris Edwards/Woodys Aeroimages

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