Singapore, Qantas and solving the unsexy problems of ultra long-haul flying

The garbage scow conundrum.

There’s romance on the edge of the bell curve. How many articles can you remember about the engineering effort that goes into connecting Baltimore and Orlando? No knock on either city, but the route has about as much sex appeal as the family trip to Disney World. Far more is invested in the heart of a market, but what about the 9,188 nautical miles that separate Sydney and London? Qantas’ Project Sunrise – named for the pair of sunrises a passenger would witness on the 21-hour journey – has generated no fewer than 1,200 news stories on the topic.

Not since the market duel between the questionably-successful passenger hauling 777-200LR and the A340-500 has there been a face-off between Airbus and Boeing to win superlative rights claiming the tiny corner of the performance envelope.

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