TAC on the Podcast Circuit

Over the last several weeks, The Air Current’s editorial team have been invited to share our perspectives on a range of industry topics:

August 10, 2023Fly, Car, Fly! Elan Head joins Bradley Tusk’s Firewall to talk about the eVTOL industry’s path to market. Tusk is a political strategist and venture capitalist whose upcoming satirical novel, Obvious in Hindsight, follows the consultants who help a flying car startup cut backroom deals with local politicians. Head catches him up on the status of “flying cars” in the real world, and they discuss what it will take to get cities on board with urban air mobility. Complement it with this story we published a couple of weeks later: The eVTOL industry gets its first taste of organized community resistance.

August 29, 2023A reality check on eVTOL aircraft. Elan Head speaks with John Zimmerman at Pilot’s Discretion from Sporty’s. This is a deeper dive into the state of the eVTOL market for aviation enthusiasts and professionals. Head discusses why eVTOL developers made such wildly optimistic projections at the peak of the SPAC craze, and how they are now going through the process of recalibrating expectations. Plus, her take on the Kobe Bryant crash, safety management systems and more. Complement it with our Special Report: Surveying the eVTOL competitive landscape.

September 26, 2023Boeing: Turbulent Times. Jon Ostrower joins Business Breakdown to dissect the U.S. aerospace giant. Ostrower steps back from his day-to-day coverage of Boeing to provide a sweeping overview of the company’s business model and its role in geopolitics. He digs into the history behind Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, discusses Boeing’s recent troubles, and talks about whether the company will be able to make the leap into a genuinely transformative new product category. Complement it with NASA gives Boeing a second shot at reshaping commercial aviation.

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