Shifting electronics supply chain helps propel Starlux A350 freighter buy

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SINGAPORE — In announcing the purchase of five Airbus A350 freighters, Starlux Airlines chairman K.W Chang said that the barely four-year-old Taiwanese airline is adding dedicated cargo operations on the back of an expected boom in demand for IT components and electronics like those made by Apple, AMD and Nvidia.

Within the Airbus purchase, which came alongside a fresh order for three more A330neo aircraft, lies an airline seeing the shifting winds of the global economy as the most important companies on earth strategically diversify their supply chains amid a rapid chill in new business investment within mainland China. 

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company foundry, the highly strategic crown jewel of the global information economy, produces chips and other components for the likes of AMD, Nvidia, and Intel, as well as Apple’s phones, tablets, laptops and wearables. Apple’s public list of suppliers includes 42 different companies manufacturing components in Taiwan. 

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