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Reliable Robotics sends autopilot for first solo

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In October, California-based Reliable Robotics revealed plans to build its own air-to-air radar as the core of a certifiable detect-and-avoid solution for autonomous aircraft. The announcement was evidence of Reliable’s commitment to developing uncrewed aircraft, even as it pursues an advanced autopilot for conventionally piloted aircraft as its first commercial product.

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Last month, the company further demonstrated that commitment when it flew a Cessna 208B Caravan with no one on board for a lap around the traffic pattern at Hollister Municipal Airport in California. The short flight, which took place on November 21 but was publicly announced on December 6, was the first time the company has flown the Caravan without a safety pilot on board and another step on the long path toward integrating large uncrewed aircraft into the national airspace system.

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