Cirrus discloses development of new AVIC primary trainer for China

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In June 2020, China’s aerospace industry behemoth, AVIC, announced that a clean-sheet aircraft called the AG100, a three-seat piston trainer, had made its first flight. Chinese state media coverage of the 10-minute event made no mention of Cirrus, which shared earlier this week that the aircraft, now also known as the SR10, had been created by its U.S. based engineers for AVIC.

“It was something that the shareholder contracted Cirrus to do,” Ivy McIver, director of Cirrus’s SR line of piston aircraft, told AvWeb. “It was kind of developed in parallel and the idea for the AG100 was that the Cirrus team would design, develop and get the FAA type certificate and in parallel our shareholder would be developing the AG100. They will now use the SR10 type certificate to achieve CAAC type certification for the AG100 and then sell that in the Chinese market.”

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