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Boeing halts some deliveries from Spirit to catch up on unfinished manufacturing work

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Boeing on Sunday said it had asked “a major supplier”, which The Air Current has identified as Spirit AeroSystems, to halt some 737 Max component deliveries to the plane maker’s Renton, Washington final assembly line while both companies catch up on unfinished work moving through their respective factories, as well as to address a new quality issue that needs to be resolved on roughly 50 aircraft before delivery.

Boeing in an internal memo sent by Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal and reviewed by TAC, said the halt was requested by the plane maker in conjunction with a notification on Thursday, Feb. 1 by “a supplier” that “two holes may not have been drilled exactly to our requirements” on 737 Max fuselages currently at Boeing.

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The halt comes on the heels of a month of turmoil inside Boeing after a plug exit was violently ejected from an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 on Jan. 5, prompting NTSB and FAA investigations, Congressional hearings and extreme customer ire. 

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